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Donald Trump is now on his first official vacation as President. Donald Trump and staff had to leave the West Wing due to maintenance working on the almost 30-year-old heating and cooling system. ​Mr. Trump will be staying at his golf club in New Jersey for 17 days. White House sources say even though he is on vacation, he still will work hard for the American people!

You may have noticed that Donald Trump has high expectations for his Administration. Since January 20, Donald Trump has lost 15 individuals, six were fired due to not carrying out their job correctly and nine resigned. The following list is their names, position, and number of days in office under Trump.

Fired -Anthony Scaramucci – Director of Communications, 10 days -Derek Harvey – National Security Council (NSC), 186 days -James Comey – FBI Director, 109 days -Angella Reid – Chief Usher, 105 days -Craig Deare - NSC Dir. West Hemisphere Affairs, 26 days -Sally Yates – Acting Attorney General, 10 days

Resigned -Michael Flynn – NSC Advisor, 22 days -Katie Wash – Deputy Chief Staff, 69 days -KT McFarland – Dep. NSC Advisor, 117 days -Michael Dubke – Dir. Of Communications, 85 days -Elon Musk – Advisory Council, 132 days -Robert Iger – Advisory Council, 133 days -Walter Shaub – Dir. Government Ethics, 180 days -Sean Spicer – Press Secretary, 186 days -Reince Priebus – Chief of Staff, 189 days

​John McCain (Arizona Senator) stunned his colleagues and us, July 14 a little before 2am by walking back to the chamber and giving a dramatic thumb down. That made the “skinny” plan 49-51. This is only one of the many times Senator McCain has failed his fellow Republicans.

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