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Top 3 Media Mistruths About January 6th

A year ago today, was January 6, 2021. The Liberal Media and Radical Left are using today to flood the mainstream media airwaves and your social media feeds with quotes and tweets comparing the actions committed a year ago today to those done in Pearl Harbor or in New York on 9/11. No comparison could be further from the truth. What happened at the United States Capitol on January 6th was wrong. It should not have happened. Crimes were committed, and the people who committed those crimes should be punished (not as political prisoners but as people accused of the crimes they committed).

The worst part of January 6th was not the day itself, it was how the media and Democratic party took advantage of it and have capitalized off of it for the past year. The Vice President of the United States of America just spoke in the U.S. Capitol to mark the year anniversary of the riots and said that January 6th is the equivalent of Pearl Harbor and 9/11. As I said, crimes were committed on January 6th. The people who committed those crimes should be punished. But January 6th was no Pearl Harbor. January 6th was no 9/11. January 6th was not a terrorist attack on our nation.

Today, after a year of watching the media spin what happened on that day in Washington and twist it to fit their narrative and deceive the American people, I'm here to set the record straight.

Here are the Top 3 Media Mistruths about January 6th:

1. It was an "Insurrection"...but Insurrection Charges were never filled

For the past year, you've heard every talking head on TV make the date "Jan 6." synonymous with the phrase "Insurrection Day", but according to authorities, that's not true.

You see, out of the 725 people who have been charged with crimes related to the riot at the Capitol on January 6th, none of them have been charged with insurrection. Not a single one. The corrupt FBI has spent every resource available over the past year to charge everyone within a 200 mile radius of Washington D.C. that day with something so they can say "justice was served", but not a single person has actually been charged with insurrection.

Instead, charges have been filled for crimes like assault or trespassing, but to charge someone with insurrection, you need a more hardcore legal case to back it up. According to federal code, to charge someone of insurrection, it must be proven that they "incited, set foot on, assisted, or engaged in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States", and it can be punished by imprisonment for up to 10 years.

The Daily News reports that "Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert asked Attorney General Merrick Garland in a hearing, “Has any defendant involved in the January 6 events been charged with insurrection?” Garland responded, “I don’t believe so.”.

So much for "Insurrection Day"!

2. No firearms are believed to have been carried inside the Capitol

Newsmax reported today that of the 725 people charged with crimes related to January, around 640 of them have been "charged with entering a restricted area with a dangerous or deadly weapon". Several people had guns on the grounds of the Capitol that day, and they are being charged, as they should, for having that firearm in a restricted area. But there's a catch. If you watched the media for the past year, you would have thought that these people busted through the windows of the Capitol waving around machine guns. That's not true.

Out of all of the people who broke in to the Capitol, Newsmax reports that "no firearms are believed to have been carried inside the building by protesters". Wow. Isn't that something?

It appears that this "armed insurrection" wasn't "armed" just as much as it wasn't an "insurrection" at all.

3. The Capitol "Insurrection" didn't fully consist of "Trump Supporters"

For the past year, the Radical Left and Mainstream Media have peddled the biggest lie imaginable about January 6th, and in watching the coverage the day of and in the days following, it's that lie that hurt the most. The media wants you to believe that the people who broke into the Capitol that day are the majority of the Republican party. Spoiler alert - they're not. I know true, honest, and hard-working Republicans who supported Donald Trump and believed that their voices were not heard and that the election was stolen from them. Yes, they were in Washington D.C. that day. Yes, thousands and thousands of them filled the lawn outside The White House to hear Donald J. Trump speak. But no, those are not the same people who broke in and ransacked the Capitol on January 6th.

I'm not saying that every person in that building that day was a paid actor, member of Antifa, or federal agent - because they weren't - but I am saying that the majority of the people in that building do not accurately portray the same Republicans the media is attempting to portray them as. You saw the same images I did. I've been around Trump supporters for the past 4 years at rallies and events across the country. Those "Trump Supporters" were not the true Trump Supporters that I know. They weren't the truck drivers or dairy farmers who drove hundreds of miles to stand in lines for hours in the heat just to hear a President with a plan to "Make America Great Again" speak. They weren't the single moms with three kids and a full-time job who took a day off work just so she could bring her children to hear a man with a mission to give them a better future in the best country on the planet. Those are just a few of the true Trump Supporters I've met over the past 4 years, but you won't hear about them because they don't fit the media's mold of a true "Trump-Supporting Insurrectionist".

Just today, an article was published saying that "Images of Jan. 6 riots could be harmful to kids, a psychologist warns". Yes - that is an actual headline. Ok, so if the images of January 6th are "harmful" to America's youth, then I guess we can't show them images of Americans being stranded overseas in terrorist-controlled Afghanistan, because that could definitely be harmful.

The media doesn't want to take the time to cover and talk about what REALLY happened on January 6th. They don't want to take the time to talk about the real people that were there who traveled from all across the country to have their voices heard. They don't wanna talk about the majority of the people there that day that never even made it off the lawn of The White House before the chaos ensued at the Capitol. They don't wanna talk about that because it doesn't fit their narrative. They can't spin that in to fear to win the midterms.

I said it at the beginning and I want to say it again to make sure I'm crystal clear. January 6th was a bad day. Crimes were committed on January 6th. The people who committed those crimes should be punished. But January 6th was no Pearl Harbor. January 6th was no 9/11. January 6th was not a terrorist attack on our nation.

Every year they're gonna try to do the same thing. They will treat today as a hallowed holiday and score a few extra political points to divert from the current crisis. Americans need to remember this - United we stand, Divided we fall. Today is meant to be a distraction to make us fall. Let's not fall.


Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th UNSELECT Committee definitely does not want you to read this article or share it with all of your friends and fellow Patriots, so *definitely* don’t do that!


Brilyn Hollyhand is a 15-year-old Conservative Commentator and the Editor in Chief of The Truth Gazette, a conservative news service fighting back against the Fake News Media!

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