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On Friday Night, April 13th, President Trump walked into a Press Briefing at The White House with full confidence in his decision. He said that he had given the approval for the U. S. Military and Allied Forces (France and the UK) to start a “Planned and Coordinated” attack towards Syria. President Trump made this decision after a long week of meetings with advisors and even sent Mike Pence in his place to Peru for a Summit. President Trump called Assad’s actions, “not actions of a man, but a monster!”. The President concluded his speech with a message to Russia and Iran, “To Russia and Iran I ask, what kind of nation wants to be associated with mass murder of innocent men, women, and children?”. The President ended it all by reminding the world that the US remains, “Locked and Loaded”. ​Immediately after The President ended his speech, loud “Crashes” and “Booms” were reported in Syria’s Capitol. Reports were coming out of Syria’s Capitol that Tomahawk missiles were striking “Important Infrastructure”. The Following Information is from the Pentagon Press Briefing the Night of The Attacks 4/13/18: At 9 PM (EST) three strikes were sent on the night of 4/13/18. 1) A research center for chemical weapons in Syrian. 2) A storage facility for chemical weapons in Syria. 3) Another storage facility for chemical weapons and other military weapons. All three of these buildings were destroyed. Secretary Mattis said, “All three strikes were carried out great’’ and that “Syria would lose years’ worth of information and weapons”. The Pentagon also confirmed that this year’s strikes were “heavy” compared to last year’s in responses to another chemical attack in Syria. The Following Information is from the Pentagon Press Briefing the morning of 4/14/18: The Briefing at the Pentagon was very descriptive regarding details. The next morning the Pentagon confirmed that all targets were successfully “demolished” and “non-repairable”. They also said that 76 missiles were used for the first building, and 22 missiles and other weapons for the second. The number of missiles and weapons used on the third building, “is not clear at this time”. In response to reports that Syria fought back with their missiles, the Pentagon said that was not true. Syria attacked after the strike occurred, Secretary Dunford said, “When you shoot iron in the air, it’s going to come down somewhere!”. The “iron” that Secretary Dunford was referring to did come down, on their own land and destroyed even more infrastructure.


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