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I believe President Trump made the right decision in response to the Syrian chemical attacks, and I thank him for that. Assad was killing innocent people, his people, with deadly weapons that have barley even been used since World War II. Even in World War II, our enemies rarely used them because of how much destruction they caused. Assad has no right to be using these weapons, that are illegal! If former President Obama would not have been so weak as to draw a red line in the sand instead of taking actual action, we would not be where we are today. If he didn’t believe that Assad had disposed of his chemical weapons, then again, we would not be here today having to protect Syria’s people and stop Assad. But now, we have President Trump who will not draw a red line in the sand without enforcing it. President Trump will stand up for Syria’s people, and the people of the world. Today we need to stop Assad and his regime and stop other countries who think they have a right to kill innocent men, women, and children. I agree with President Trump when he said that Assad is not a man but an animal, no civilized man would kill his own people. Thank you, Mr. President!


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