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This Monday morning, America woke up with the “Breaking News” that President Trump has met with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over the weekend, possibly about his future with the Justice Department. Later in the day, we found out that President Trump will meet again with the Deputy AG on Thursday. Immediately after this news broke, the media erupted in fury saying he will be fired immediately, other reports came out saying he would resign, and even more said he had already resigned to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. What did The Truth Gazette find out of all of this? First of all, none of this has been confirmed, for all we know they met on a completely different topic. No government official ever said he will ever resign or be fired, but knowing Trump, he could easily be. Rod Rosenstein has never ever been with Trump. He has caused more problems than anyone else in the Justice Department. He needs to go, but if President Trump fires him then the media and Democrat will erupt saying the President is hiding something. 


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