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Well, that headline has been used more the once, because the Senate Judiciary Committee, yet again, has changed the date of Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s vote. The Democrats are doing everything in their power to stall, end, and terminate Brett Kavanaugh’s career, and Supreme Court Nomination. And, as always, some old friend from 40+ years ago now decides to come out with false allegations against Judge Kavanaugh. “Ha” isn’t it funny that that always seems to happen to Republican candidates or nominees, every single time that have the opportunity of a high-level office. That is just not right. If a Republican ever came out with allegations against a Democrat candidate or nominee, they would attacked by the left. Now, I’m all for Dr. Ford having the right to share her story, that’s fake, but, after so many years there’s not much people can do, give it a rest! Do you agree, if so make a social media post about Kavanaugh tagging “The Truth Gazette” using “#TTGSupport”! 


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