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Alabama Governor (Republican) and Candidate for Re-Election, Kay Ivey, gave The Truth Gazette EXCLUSIVE answers to questions Brilyn Hollyhand asked recently. Thank you Governor Ivey for the Honor and Privilege to share this with our readers! Please share and VOTE on November 6th!

Why do you believe you are the best candidate for the Governor of Alabama? “Growing up on the family farm in Wilcox County, I learned to put in a hard day’s work, to live within our means, and the importance of faith, family and community. These are the same values I have carried with me throughout my life.  As a public servant, I have always fought for conservative principles: promoting economic growth, protecting taxpayer dollars, fighting for the unborn, preserving our Second Amendment rights and restoring the people’s trust in government.”

What sets you apart from the other candidate (Walt Maddox) running for Governor of Alabama? “I have a proven track record of creating jobs, improving education and fighting for Alabama's conservative values. In fact, I am the only candidate who has been endorsed by the Alabama’s small businesses, the NRA and numerous pro-life organizations, including Alabama Citizens for Life and the Susan B. Anthony Group.”

According to the Alabama Department of Labor, 2,080,173 Alabama citizens were employed as of August 2017. As of August 2018, 2,112,274 Alabama citizens were employed. As Governor how do you plan to continue increasing the State employment rate? “As Governor, I have made it my job to make sure you have a good job with a bigger paycheck. Since I took office, Alabama has received over $8 billion in direct investments, creating more than 16,000 new jobs.

Under my leadership, world class companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon have decided to invest in Alabama. And companies aren’t only deciding to come here, they are also deciding to stay here. Shipt recently announced that they’re growing their headquarters in Birmingham and adding more than 800 jobs.

I’m proud to say that together we are building a better Alabama. In fact, we currently have the highest wage and salary employment in our state’s history. If blessed with a full term, I will continue to focus on building this thriving economy.”

Alabama has nearly 102,000 miles of roads. 50% of our roads are rated poor. What ideas do you have to improve Alabama’s infrastructure? “Infrastructure is a critical component to job creation efforts.

However, current infrastructure funding in Alabama provides for only two of three important aspects:  1) We are able to provide for the general maintenance of roads and bridges; and 2) We periodically fund priority projects to alleviate some of the state’s most congested roadways.  The third aspect which we are unable to fund under our current structure is that of 3) priority projects which continue to be on our state’s “wish list.” This wish list is typically driven by the recommendations of local officials as they determine their greatest needs.

Shortly after being sworn in as Governor, I was chosen as one of eight governors to work with President Trump on how to improve our infrastructure.  As we have worked with President Trump and the Federal Highway Administration, we have begun to implement alternative methods to address the expansion of infrastructure. For example, we have applied the utilization of public-private partnerships (P3s).  The greatest example of this is the I-10 Mobile River Bridge.  This project is one of the most significant infrastructure projects in the United States, and we will take a business-minded approach by leveraging the private sector for a more efficient and cost-effective outcome to the state and its residents.

Infrastructure is not just limited to our roads and bridges. Our ability to continue to attract world-class companies and improve access to quality education and health care is dependent on widespread access to highspeed Internet. I prioritized broadband access by supporting and signing "The Broadband Accessibility Act" into law during my first full legislative session as Governor.  This law is an important step to moving Alabama forward by ensuring our citizens have the tools and resources needed to succeed in this modern economy. But I'm not done yet.

I plan to continue to work with existing Internet providers, education leaders, healthcare providers, and others to identify even more ways to expand our broadband capabilities so that every citizen who needs access will have it available.”

I understand the importance of Education for K-12 Alabama students. As Governor, what steps will you continue to take to improve Alabama’s Educational System? “Alabama needs a comprehensive approach to prepare our students today for the jobs of tomorrow, that why I launched "Strong Start, Strong Finish." The “Strong Start, Strong Finish” initiative integrates Alabama’s early childhood education, K-12 education, and workforce development efforts into a seamless journey for all Alabamians.

“Strong Start, Strong Finish” focuses on three strategies. 1) Pre to Three focuses on securing statewide saturation for Alabama’s First-Class Pre-K program and ensuring that all of Alabama’s third-graders are proficient readers by 2022. 2) Computer Science for All Alabamians will ensure that a rigorous computer science course is offered at all Alabama middle and high schools by 2022. 3) Advanced Training, Better Jobs will prepare 500,000 more Alabamians for high-wage, high-demand jobs by helping them earn high-quality postsecondary degrees, certificates, and credentials by 2025.

In addition to launching Strong Start, Strong Finish, I also approved another $216 million in education funding, for the largest investment in education in a decade, and this money goes straight into the classrooms.

Education is the cornerstone of a better life, and I am committed to doing everything I can to make sure Alabamians have the resources they need to be prepared for the workplace and succeed.”

In 2017, you were appointed as Governor of Alabama, after the resignation of former Governor Robert Bentley. What do you believe your biggest accomplishments are so far during your time in office. “When I became Governor, I told you we’d clean up state government and the mess in Montgomery by bringing back conservative values—and we have! Under my leadership, we also achieved record employment, signed the largest middle-class tax cut in more than a decade, and made the largest investment in education in a decade. And this is just the beginning!”

Looking forward, what are your goals that you plan to accomplish if you win re-election in just a few short weeks (November 6th)? “We've made great strides and improvements in only a year and a half, but I’m not done yet. I look forward to creating more jobs, preparing students today for the jobs of tomorrow, and fighting for Alabama's conservative values.”

What do you want the people of Alabama to remember as they go to the polls on November 6th? “As your Governor, I’m going to keep fighting for an honest, straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is government. I’m going to keep fighting to make sure we continue to bring more jobs to Alabama. I’m going to keep fighting for our conservative values, protecting the unborn and your Second Amendment rights. And I’m going to make sure, above all, that I maintain your trust.”


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