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Almost 30 days ago, the Democratic party shut down the federal government over border security. President Trump is absolutely right. A border wall is needed and there is a crisis at our southern border. The time is now to fund our wall and protect our country. ANYONE is welcome in our country if you come in legally and fill out the proper paperwork and registration (like EVERYONE else). The facts are the facts! Only 30% of our nation’s southern border is covered with either barbed wire or a form of barrier. The other 70%, is open to literally walk in and out of with no way of us knowing you were here. That is completely unacceptable! The United State of America is losing so many citizens from the drugs or other harmful items brought in through our southern border, or from the actual ILLEGAL immigrants themselves when some of them commit murders or other tragic crimes! My message to the Republican party is to stay strong and continue your unwavering support for border security. My message to the Democratic party is to wake up, get off of your island and beach resorts, and protect our country. The Democrats sit all day and complain that federal workers are unpaid when they are doing nothing to fix it!  The Democratic Party is putting politics over National Security! That’s the truth! Mr. President, the time is now! FINISH THAT WALL!

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