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Never Forget:

On this day, September 11th, 17 years ago, more than 2,000 human lives were lost. Thousands of innocent Americans were just starting a day’s work in New York’s Twin Towers when tragedy struck. Around 8:40 a.m., a hijacked plane flew into the first Twin Tower killing thousands of people and injuring even more. There would go on to be three more hijacked plane crashes that day, one into the second Twin Tower, the other in a field in Pennsylvania, and the last into the Pentagon. From that day forward, America has never been the same. Lives were forever changed by the actions on that day. More than 2,000 workers died in the Twin Towers, over 300 firefighters never saw daylight again, 60 plus police officers never saw their families after that day, and more than 20 paramedics were gone forever. Enjoy your days on this Earth and remember today the families that are missing loved ones. Stop taking the little things in life for granted and Never Forget 9/11.

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