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5 Days Away! The Future of America!

We are 5 DAYS AWAY from Election Day and the stakes couldn’t be higher!

America - I can not put into words how important this election is. This race on Tuesday will decide the outcome of our great nation for generations to come.

This is not Trump vs. Biden.

This is not Republicans vs. Democrats.

This is Democracy vs. Socialism.

This is America vs. China.

We are at a turning point in our nation, elect a businessman who has had 4 years of success putting America First (even though you might not like his style), or elect a man who no one can name a single thing he has done in half a century! The choice is yours.

President Trump has done more for this country in 47 months than Joe Biden has in 47 years. Let that sink in.

If you won’t do it for your country, do it for me and my generation who will have to grow up in a world constructed by your decisions.

VOTE TRUMP 2020 on Tuesday!!! 🇺🇸


Brilyn Hollyhand is 14 years old and the Editor in Chief of The Truth Gazette, a conservative news service fighting back against the Fake News Media!

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